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drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is an irrigation form in which the water drips into the soil around the plant root through the emitter, outlet or the drip irrigation tape evenly drop by drop. The dripping volume is small, the water goes into the soil slowly, so the soil under the emitter is saturated with water and the soil of other part would not be saturated. The water spread under the tension of the branch tape. Drip irrigation is adaptable, widely used according to the environmental condition of the area.


Sketch map of drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation provide water to the plant drop by drop, evenly and slowly through the emitter on the branch tape. Drip irrigation does not damage the soil structure. The water, fertilizer, air and heat keep suitable to the plant. Evaporation is little and there is no water flow on the surface of ground. There is nearly no deep leakage. It is a water-saving irrigation way.

The main feature of drip irrigation is the little irrigation volume. The flow rate is 2-12L/H, so the irrigation time is long and the period is short. The working pressure is low and the irrigation volume can be controlled, it can reduce evaporation and save water. Drip irrigation can be managed automatically.

Drip irrigation can provide water according to the need of the plant. The drip irrigation volume is about 15-20m3/Acreage, saving 1/3-1/2 water than ground surface irrigation, saving 15-20% water than spray irrigation. It means reduce energy consumption. Drip irrigation can control the dripping volume of each emitter and irrigation volume is even.

According to different plants, drip irrigation system includes fixed and semi-fixed. Fixed drip irrigation system means the whole net would not move after set. This type suits trees, grapes, fruits, vegetables and so on. In semi-fixed drip irrigation system, the main pipes are fixed, but the tapes in the field can be moved. One tape line can be used for several rows of plants. In irrigation, when one line is finished, the tape is moved to irrigate another line. It can increase the usage of the tape and lower the investment. This type is suitable for wide row vegetables and fruits.

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