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Advantages of Drip Irrigation in The Greenhouse

Saving water, saving fertilizer, saving workforce

Drip irrigation belongs to the range of water transportation of full pipes and part irrigation, thus the leaking of the water will reach the lowest extent. It can provide the plant root with enough water. The usage ratio of water is increased greatly. Irrigation can be combined with fertilization. The fertilizer is put into the irrigation system after dissolution. Since the fertilizer and water are combined together, the fertilizer will be directly transported to the root, the usage ratio is increased greatly. At the same time, it is controlled in a small range, the water and the fertilizer have little leaking, so it can save fertilizer and decrease pollution. Using the technology of irrigation fertilization can provide the plant with trace elements in time and avoid waste. Irrigation system is controlled by valve artificially or automatically. And it is combined with fertilization, so it can save workforce and reduce production cost greatly.

Control temperature and humidity

In the traditional greenhouse, the irrigation volume is big, and the ground surface keeps wet for a long time. Not only the temperature of the greenhouse and of the ground decrease very quickly and go up slowly, but also the evaporation discharge volume is very big and the humidity is very high. It will cause plant disease and insect to the vegetables or flowers. Drip irrigation is partial irrigation. Most of the ground keep dry. The emitters provide water to the soil evenly and slowly. It has great effect on keeping the temperature of the ground and decreasing evaporation and humidity.  If the drip irrigation is set under the film, the effect would be better. Drip irrigation has easy operation, it can irrigate frequently and the water outlet is very small, the flow rate is slow and single irrigation time is long, the change rate of the water in the soil is small, so it can keep the soil at a suitable humidity for the plant for a long time. Since the air temperature and the soil humidity are controlled, plant disease and insect can be decreased.

Keep the structure of the soil

In the traditional irrigation system, the soil is easily been washed out, compacted and eroded. It will harden the soil and the air capacity will go down. The soil structure will be damaged to some extent. But for drip irrigation, the water goes into the soil evenly and slowly. It will keep the soil structure and form a suitable environment for the plant.

Increase quality and production

Irrigation system can decrease the usage of water, fertilizer and pesticide and prevent plant disease and insect. It can improve the quality of the product. Compared with the traditional irrigation, drip irrigation can increase the output and decrease the consumption of water, fertilizer and pesticide and workforce, so it has both economical benefits and social benefits. Drip irrigation meets the demand of high production, high efficiency and high quality. That is the cause of its existence and wide usage.

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